Sedbergh Food Club

What is a food club?

A group of people who pay (where they can) a small amount to receive a weekly share of surplus food. The club is run by and for its members on a not-for-profit basis. Members who are able to are asked to help each week. We recognise that some people may not be able to contribute with money or time – this doesn’t stop anyone from joining.


According to FareShare 1.9 million tonnes of surplus food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK and of that 250,000 tonnes is still edible – that’s enough for 650 million meals – we are doing this to make a difference to people and to the planet! Surplus food occurs everywhere in the supply chain from field through to fork. This perfectly good in-date food is then sent to landfill, unless it can be intercepted and redistributed. It can become this for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life.

WHere do we get our food from?

FareShare is the UK’s biggest food redistribution charity, they redistributed over 20,000 tonnes of food last year, saving it all from going to landfill. Local food clubs place a weekly order with them – there are already local food clubs distributing food from Flookburgh, Kendal, Witherslack, Grange over Sands, Cartmel, Ulverston, and Kirkby Lonsdale.


Food received depends on what has been intercepted that week, so it will vary from week to week. The food packs usually include larder cupboard items (such as pasta, tinned goods, crisps, cakes), some fresh fruit and veg, and a few chilled items. Scroll through the pictures above to get more of an idea. We ask about dietary requirements so we can try to include some items for everyone, where possible. It’s hard to give an exact value to the food you’ll receive, but most weeks you’ll receive two loaded shopping bags (or one large bag for life) of quality food and drink.


While the food is being collected from Preston, a team of volunteers prepare the Cornerstone Community Church, setting out tables and cleaning surfaces. When the food delivery arrives it is loaded into the hall and the team works together to sort the boxes and crates, counting items to ensure the sharing of food is planned as fairly as possible. Once the quantities have been worked out, each volunteer member will then start the packing process, making sure each bag has the correct amount of each item in. The bags are then ready to be collected between 3:30pm and 6pm.


Food sharing during covid-19 will be carried out in a safe, controlled manner with appropriate measures in place. Currently this means volunteer members pre-pack the bags. When the covid-19 situation eases we envisage a more interactive food club where members pack their own bags from the selection on offer, have a brew and a sit down, and catch up with friends. It will be as much about social interaction as it is about the distribution of surplus food.

But for now, this is the procedure

Members are to collect their food packs from Cornerstone Community Church, on New Street in Sedbergh, between 3:30pm and 6pm each Thursday afternoon.

In order to avoid congestion on New Street, please try not to park outside the church unless you have mobility issues. Joss Lane car Park is only a short walk around the corner.

Please remember to bring a bag for life with you, and transfer your food from the food club trays to your own bags.


You can apply by completing the form below. We ask members (where they can) to pay a £6 annual membership fee and to pay £3 weekly (as recommended by Fareshare). If money is an issue that’s also fine, we can support you with food without payment – just let us know you won’t be paying when you collect your pack. We can also accept donations to support this project for those who wish to help without receiving food.


Fareshare charge us a nominal amount per food tray, so most of the amount you pay will cover that cost. We also have to ensure we have insurance and formal hygiene training as without these we are unable to run the club. Any surplus funds will go towards expenses for transport, materials such as food bags, group tea and coffee etc, as well as enabling us to help people in the community who might need extra support and supplies.


Cash on joining and paid weekly as you collect your food is fine – exact change preferred. Once we have our bank account set up we can provide bank details if you would prefer to set up a Standing Order.

can i help but not be a member?

Yes! When we all act together we can achieve something amazing to support our community and the environment as a whole. If you’d like to help but don’t want to receive food then we’d love to hear from you too, via the below form.

Registration Form

We also run a Community Cupboard which is supported by the Food Club. This is in place to provide extra support (meal kits and toiletries) for families experiencing financial hardship. If you would like to benefit from this please follow THIS LINK