Sedbergh Milk Round UPDATE: How Dairy!

Very exciting news in Sedbergh: Liam Kelly from Creamline Dairies has announced he will be trialing doorstep deliveries of milk in glass bottles.


This is brilliant news for everyone in Sedbergh who would prefer to reduce their use of plastic in this way. Whilst most people will recycle their used plastic milk bottles, the act of recycling should ideally be a last resort: Reduce Reuse Recycle, in that order.

Milk nostalgia

Liam hopes to begin the trial delivery on June 18th, and would like to hear from anyone interested in receiving whole, semi, or skimmed milk to their door.

You can let Liam know your interest and your order by emailing him here: Or give him a call on 07504223968

Let’s hope there is enough interest for it to become a viable milk round!


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