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Refill is a national scheme set up by City to Sea to tackle plastic pollution at source.

The idea a simple one: high street businesses offer free water refills to people who need it. This simple act will go some way to preventing single use plastics from ending up in landfill.
Zero Waste Sedbergh has pledged to launch Refill Sedbergh, and contact retailers located on the main streets of town to ask if they are happy to be included the scheme.
How does it work?
refill window sticker champion manParticipating cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and other businesses simply put a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free! Download the free Refill app to see where you can Refill on the go.

Thanks to all the shops and businesses who have already pledged to support Refill Sedbergh by offering free refills, including:

On A Roll

Boots Pharmacy

Haddock Paddock

Cornerstone Community Church, New Street

Three Hares

Information and Book Centre

No. 6 Finkle Street and Mad Hatters Tearoom

Main Street Barbers

The Weaving Studio

Have we missed your business? Would you like to join the refill revolution? Do get in touch and someone will pop round with a window sticker.

Woman placing generic sticker

Why carry a bottle with you?
Single-use plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport and create mountains and mountains of waste once we’ve gulped down the contents. And recycling’s not the answer either, according to the latest figures from here in the UK an estimated 11,000 plastic bottles a MINUTE are either ending up in landfill or as litter, which will too often make its way into our waterways and out to sea. Read more about marine plastic pollution here. 

By buying a reusable water bottle you will also save yourself a small fortune and they often pay for themselves within a week going on to save you money with every free Refill from then on.


Keep it clean!

Recent studies have found that many people aren’t washing their reusable bottles as often as they should. You don’t have to get carried away – just remember to wash them as often as you would a glass at home. 🙂When Refilling the bottle should never touch the tap/jug – keep an ‘air gap’ – to avoid any potential of contamination and if you are handing over your bottle to be refilled take off the lid yourself and when refilling never touch your hand to the neck of the bottle/glass.If you feel a Refill Station is unhygienic please report this through the feedback section on the app and as a Refiller, if someone’s bottle smells bad or looks filthy, you don’t have to Refill it.


What now?

Do have a look at City to Sea’s website HERE for more information on the Refill scheme, and for general inspiration on saving the planet.

Useful FAQ for businesses: Refill FAQ – Businesses

If you wish to sign your business up to Refill Sedbergh, please contact Suzie Pye at

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