Sedbergh Community Cupboard

Sedbergh Community Cupboard is able to offer a more substantial food pack than Sedbergh Food Club. The Community Cupboard exists specifically for families and individuals who are finding times particularly difficult financially. It acts in a similar way to a Food Bank, and will provide meal kits and toiletries, often just for a week or so, sometimes for a bit longer.

If you or anyone you know is facing hardship at the moment, this service is discrete and confidential, and it is not means tested, so there are no forms to fill in or “proof” requested. We will simply support families in our community for as long as they need. 

And please remember: most of us will go through financially challenging times at some point in our lives. What is important is that we take the help we need, when it is offered.

One of the functions of a community is to take turns to offer each other a hand up. When we are in need, we grab that hand, on the understanding that we then offer our hand to others when we are in a position to do the lifting. The Community Cupboard is a hand up so please do grab a hold if you need to. 

To request a Community Cupboard support pack please fill in this form. A volunteer will be in touch to confirm details, and arrange for a food pack to be delivered to your door. All information given will be kept in confidence.

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